We arrived in Spain in the Fall of 2010 and immediately joined a team of missionaries that had recently rented a building and were actively involved in planting a church in the city of Parla, Madrid.

During the next two years we used various means to saturate the city of Parla with the gospel. In addition to building relationships and sharing the gospel with people one-on-one, we distributed 50,000 gospel DVD’s and 50,000 John & Romans into the mailboxes of every household in Parla. We also created a gospel website and promoted it through social media. The result was that several people were converted, baptized and added to the church, and the average weekly attendance grew to about 40.

In 2012 I started a bible study in the Sedoski family’s home. Angie and Eduardo Sedoski were some of the first people that were converted in the Parla church. Although they were dedicated and faithful members, they found it difficult to invite their friends and family to church because of the distance. They lived 50 minutes away in the city of Colmenar Viejo. After leading a Bible study in their home for several months, we soon discovered the need to gather the believers in Colmenar Viejo and organise formally as a church. And that’s exactly what we did on Sunday, July 7, 2013.

In the past eight years we have seen God work. We have seen lives changed by the power of the gospel. We have seen two churches planted and organised. We have seen men and women become fruitful, mature, and reproducing disciples of Christ, and we have seen several men raised up as leaders and faithful teachers of the Word. We don’t know what the future holds for us as missionaries, but we do know that God wants us to be faithful in the work of making disciples, planting churches, and raising up leaders. To God be the glory!